фестиваль Beatles Шебли

Dear friends! Today we`re finally able to say that spring has come to Belarus. So we`re anxious to present “The Beatles Shabli”, the 2nd International Festival linked to Universal Children`s Day which will take place on May, 31.

“The Beatles Shabli” Festival will be held on the territory of the Shabli hamlet between May, 31 — June,1 2014. The Shabli hamlet belongs to Volojinskiy region and is situated in 100 km away from Minsk. In the last few years the hamlet turned into a popular place for holding large-scale open air festivals in Belarus.

“The Beatles Shabli” has become kind of a successor of the annual “Beatles” Festival that takes place in Liverpool, the band`s homeland. This format of celebration in honor of the musicians has spread all over the world. Every year, thousands of musicians perform on the streets of different cities, thus paying tribute and respect to the original band`s members. During this period, cities immerse in an atmosphere of a mutual holiday.

A Serbian band “THE BESTBEAT”, the Belorussian audience is already familiar with, will perform as a headliner of “The Beatles Shabli”. This is, incidentally, the credit of guests who visited the 1st Festival in 2013: according to the opinion poll made “in hot persuit” the Serbs became favorites of the audience.  The Bestbeat is a band formed by four (as it is required) musicians. And you need to be blind not to mention their sincere love towards the Beatles.

Another headliner of the Festival is the band from Tatarstan called “CAVABIEN”.

 That guys were acknowledges as the absolute winners of a contest of cover versions on “The Beatles” songs which took place in Kazan last autumn. The members of the band are 15 and 16 years old right now. They formed a band three years ago after having entered “School of Rock” in Kazan.

 “Ça Va Bian” have been successfully participating in rock-contests and festivals that are held outside Kazan. They were awarded the 2nd prize at the International Art Festival “Petersburg Spring 2011”, the 3rd  prize at the Moscow International Art Olympiad held with the support of CID UNSECO.

The guys from Tatarstan will play the whole album “Help!” by “The Beatles” in the Shabli hamlet on May, 31.

A band “FATHER MCKENZIE” from Rostov-on-Don will represent Russia at The Beatles Shabli 2014. The musicians of that band being Beatlemaniacs have an extremely cautious attitude towards works of “The Fab Four”. A lot of unique songs from a voluminous discography of “The Beatles” have been included into their program.

In general there are more than 50 songs in the repertoire of “Father McKenzie”. It comprises both, songs written in the early rock-n-roll style and the latter experimental works, including the whole album “Abbey Road” of 1969.

Bands “FLAT”, “Double C”, “Bulba Fusion”, “Real Jazz Band” и Dj Ezhaka will represent Belarus at the festival. Each of the participants will show their own view on works of legendary “The Beatles”.

The festival will create a family atmosphere as it is linked to Universal Children`s Day. There`ll be a playground for children where young Beatlemaniacs will be able to hang out with merry and extraordinary animators from the “Jokers” studio and a vanguard theatre “EYE”. Along with games, children and their parents will have an opportunity to watch the Belorussian traditional puppet show “Batleyka” directed by Andrey Juravskiy.

There`s also going to be a Fair at the festival where handiwork shops, Indian and vintage clothing stores, tearooms, cafes with traditional and vegetarian food will be located. Guests of the festival will be able to use services of a Hokkah-room № 1, zones for various sport games, special places for barbecue. During the festival you will also have a chance to visit Yoga master classes in the area of “YoLife” journal, play frisbee and learn stirring Brazilian dancing at school of Capoeira.

To cut a long story short, on May, 31 the Shabli hamlet will turn into the Belorussian Woodstock Festival. “All You Need Is Love” – these words have become the general motto of the Beatles Shabli.

Infoline: +375 (29) 77 999 18

Price: 180 BYR – April, 240 BYR – May, 300 BYR – at the festival

VK group: http://vk.com/beatles2014